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DSG Mechatronics Assy repair

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After researching and reading all the forum messages and blogs on faulty DSG mechatronics assemblies for VW, Audi and BMW automatic transmissions, I wonder why some electronics whiz hasn't started a small repair shop to troubleshoot and repair these expensive units. It seems the mechatronics assembly is the primary source if not 90 percent of all DSG transmission faults. I would have to think a known good assembly could be mapped out with a laptop and software then compare those values with the faulty mechatronics assy. Then repair or replace the faulty circuit/component. There are thousands of VWs in the US with the DSG tranny. After all these headaches, I would have to believe VW will move away from this tranny unless they have already found how to improve reliability.

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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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