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DSG Mechatronics Assy repair

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After researching and reading all the forum messages and blogs on faulty DSG mechatronics assemblies for VW, Audi and BMW automatic transmissions, I wonder why some electronics whiz hasn't started a small repair shop to troubleshoot and repair these expensive units. It seems the mechatronics assembly is the primary source if not 90 percent of all DSG transmission faults. I would have to think a known good assembly could be mapped out with a laptop and software then compare those values with the faulty mechatronics assy. Then repair or replace the faulty circuit/component. There are thousands of VWs in the US with the DSG tranny. After all these headaches, I would have to believe VW will move away from this tranny unless they have already found how to improve reliability.

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No need for this to be in this section, moved to general discussion since it applies to multiple generations. I think right now the issue is availability of parts from the manufacturer to repair. For example, a temp sensor was a cause of some mechatronic problems but I wouldn't know where to buy one. I'm sure you probably can though.

And FYI, VW auto group has made millions of DSG transmissions of various configurations. I'm sure they've made at least a million of the 6 speed longitudinal ones.
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