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2001 Vw Jetta tdi/ 2006 Vw Jetta tdi
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Hello, so I have a Brm in my 06 Jetta still ran and drove but the coolant reservoir was pressurizing. Finally pulled the head. First time I’ve ever done anything like this at all. Most I’ve done is a timing belt on my alh and nozzles. So I got the head off and it doesn’t look good at all. My question is, can I replace the valves get the pistons cleaned up and have the head machined then put it back together with possibly no issues. Timing tools slid right in with no issues. No. 1 pistons pretty eaten up on the top and quite a few valves are chipped up. It has always started right up with no issues. I thought I had a clogged coolant port in the head or something. Obviously I had no idea what was in store. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Had a recent timing belt service at a shop in Milwaukee Oregon. Well it was a while ago now being that it’s sat since I got it done cause it started pressurizing the whole way home. Thank you in advance.
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