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driveaxle seal part number warning

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Do not buy the transmission output seals, the one that attach to the driveaxle, at the local parts place. I am pretty ticked off because the car has been down for a week while I have been waiting for parts. All auto parts store computers and books have the wrong part numbers. Autozone, carquest, and napa, etc., all have the wrong part numbers. :mad:

This place has the correct seal numbers


The seal is 48mm inner diameter, 62mm outer diameter, 6.8mm height. From the dealer, the part is $20 each, online it is about $14, I suggest that you don't buy it from the local parts place. Do not buy it unless they have the seal dimensions.
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thanks for the warning, that sux what happened
The dealer gave me a loyal customer discount on the seals too, so I basically wasted a week. Thumbs down for me!
I don't think dealers' parts are that bad. After shipping and waiting, online is still cheaper but like you said, you can get a frequent customer discount. It's labor that I avoid like the plague.
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