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Just started with my DPF delete. DPF is now out(may thanks for a few hints from DPF delete page!). And yes, I removed it without overhead hoist or lowering the sub frame.
I spent nearly a year communicating with Mark(Class Act for answering all may questions for nearly a year!?) and decided to go with Malone 0.5Stage Econo Tune; DPF delete; Dynamic EGR(for our cold winters warm ups!?)
Also decided to hollow out current DPF and leave all other emissions as is. This is my wife's car and is mainly city driven, thus I know DPF will not last long!?.

For the record, this is an off road vehicle, but we need to use pavement to get there!?.:)
Hey I am wondering if you made any pictures of the DPF delete or gutting the DPF, 2014 Volkswagen Golf TDI Sportswagen is what I drive and I hate talking to Volkswagen about it, $140 everytime I go near them just to look at the DPF
41 - 43 of 43 Posts