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I first looked into doing DPF cleaning and refurbishing. No company offers it due to the complexity of the downpipes and the system. If someone has a high mileage dpf I would love to get my hands on it to inspect the components to see how things fare after long periods.

Here is the crap shoot of the OEM downpipes... I have heard from sales guys with over 140k on thier 2009 TDI's without issues, but I have also had customers with 30k and a DPF failure (more people call me in this case). From what I have been seeing many of the DPF issues come into play if the following happen:

1) users drive with excessive hypermilage on the mind and never exercise the engine. (this leads to higher levels of ash quicker and does not allow the car to clean the dpf during operation)

2) If an intercooler pipe pops off and users drive the car AT ALL, you will clog your DPF

3) bad or faulty EGR parts (I have yet to determine which) are causing excessive smoking and higher ash levels decreasing DPF life

4) I have been seeing quite a few reports of cars with cooked turbos showing up on DPF cars. This may be from DPF issues or one of the above.

Overall, to help keep your dpf life make sure you have you use your car slightly agressively after warmup to keep regen cycles low. Also, if you get a check engine light, have no boost pressure, or feel a major lack of power do not drive your car and call your local dealer or mechanic to take a look at it.
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