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I have an 06 4 door Jetta, the driver's side passenger door wont lock at all, all other doors function fine. How do i remove the door panel to repair this problem?
any insight would be appreciated... thanks...

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from the vortex: With the old DIY missing pics and some info I decided to write up a DIY while tweaking some stuff in my doors.

First off you'll need to remove the door-grip/window switch cover. Make sure you use a small rubber tipped pry bar or plastic nylon "bone" when doing this so you don't damage the panel. Once you get the panel popped a little then just pull up starting from where you started and it should pop out.

Disconnect both the cables connected to the switches on the panel.

Once you have the cover off you should see 2 silver torx bolts. You'll need a T-30 bit to remove these. Also they are VERY tight so you may want to have a power screwdriver or something that gives you good leverage.

Once those are off there are 4 other torx screws. One is by the tweeter, the other 3 are at the bottom of the door panel. Use a T-20 bit to remove these.

Now that the screws are out its time to remove the door. Best way to do this is to start near the front of the door where you can grab onto the panel. Pull straight back and the 2 forward fasteners should come loose. Then pull from the rear end and that should release the other 3 fasteners. Then just pull straight up to lift the door off. The top seal may stay connected to the door which is fine.

Now that the door is off you'll see 3 things connected to the panel. The first thing I remove is the door latch cable. There is a plastic cover that holds this in place. You need to list the front of this off to unsnap it from the lip, then pull it back and lift the cable out of the guide. Once done you just unhook it from the handle and you are set.

Now Disconnect the mid speaker connector (not pictured as mine is wired differently now) and disconnect the control cable by lifting up on the latch and pulling straight out.

And now your door is off! Put it somewhere safe so you don't damage it.

Now when putting it back on you need to do a couple things. First look at the door itself. More than likely the black door fasteners have stayed in the mounting holes. You need to pull these off. To do this I used a bent clothes hanger like so.

Loop the hanger around the connector and pull straight back (keep your face out of the way, they tend to come off suddenly and I now have a nice scar on my cheek thanks to this).

Then just place the connectors back into the white sockets on the panel.

When putting the door back on check to see if the top seal came off.

If it did reconnect this to the door panel, reconnect the cables, and then hook the whole thing back around the top edge. I won't lie this part is a pain in the arse and can take anywhere from 15 seconds to 20 minutes depending on how big a pain it wants to be.

Once that's looped around pop the connectors back into place and work backwards from there.

Also the passenger side door start at the bottom of the handle.

Again pop it out slightly so you can grip it and pull straight back. Once off look at where it connected. One or both of the metal clips may have stayed connected to the cover itself. Remove them and place them back on the door panel where they belong.

Also as the prior door there will be 2 silver T30 Sized torx bolts to remove and 1 cable connector to remove. After that its all the same as the other door.
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