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Does your ABS light flash when it's engaged?

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Hi guys,

I bought my 2006 Jetta TDI a few weeks ago, and there is a lot of snow in Canada now. Yesterday I hit my brake very hardly on a snowy road and I could actually feel ABS working, but neither ABS light on dash nor any beeping sound indicating it's working. Is this normal?

I had a Nissan Sentra before and while the ABS was engaged, the light flashed rapidly.

PS: My ABS light comes on and then off during star-up, it seems normal to me.

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Welcome to the forum Kevin. welcometomyturbodies

I don't recall the ABS light flashing when the ABS is working. I braked heavy last winter in the snow just to see how it worked but I didn't notice the light flash. ;)
No. The ESP light will flash if it's active and after you disconnect the battery and before it's reset so if you see that light the tires are losing traction - slow down!

If the ABS is working, slow down and stop more gradually because it means the tires are losing traction.

And of course, get snow tires.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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