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As you all know we have had this new crap forum for a couple of months.

It was posted by admin is will be like https://www.r8talk.com/

That forum shows the big quote/like/bookmarks.

I hate the big quote/like/bookmark grey pictures on !E!!. I did a screen dump which doesn't post right even though I've added it to my album.

You can't easily read the text posted the grey pictures are far to big. The old forum you selected text from a post and quote bubble showed that was put into your reply what could be similar.

In my quote list it shows 22 quotes. Why do I want to post any previous quotes?

Firefox doesn't show these.

The biggest problem it TDI Wiki is still missing, admin say it will take along time to fix that problem.

When I edit one of my posts to add more info I put the cursor where I want to text to go. If I copy and paste the text it goes right at the bottom every time why?.

If I post one of my picture/icons it says refresh the page to see it why?

There are loads a spam link in threads, you can tick the x box so you don't see them, spam isn't allowed on any forum why are these showing?

Its been along time since I made a pole which was which car your drive.

I can't vote in my own pole.

The should have installed a Beta version to try and find any bugs not just install it and hope it works.

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Get the TDI wiki back up please. Respectfully, we paid for this feature, and it's one of the most essential parts of this community to me. To not have a working replacement ready before the changes is unacceptable.

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Have lurked around this site for years and gotten some great info. Wiki pages have been invaluable when doing any maintenance. Wiki's are essential and are what has made this forum what it is. Please bring them back.
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