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Hey guys,

Avid visitor/reader - first time posting. Love my Jetta, been my only car, never let me down.

I replaced my DMF on my DSG about a week and a half ago (Luk's from idparts with new bolts and the works), changed my transmission fluid, oil change - gave the car pretty good tune up. Car has been running great up until about two days ago. I'm a pretty confident mechanic (engineer by trade, along with the guy who helped me install it) - and I've been experiencing some significant power loss between 1950-2300 rpm. Acceleration will cut out pretty much altogether and the vibration/noises that accompanies it is very prominent. Scanned the car, nothing comes back. Tranny fluid is in the acceptable temperature range but when I poked my head underneath the car today while I got my brother to accelerate, the sound sounded like it was coming from the flywheel area (I couldn't be for certain).

I should mention that I have minor cracks (which I've temporarily repaired) in my lower intercooler pipe and a minor dent in the air intake hose that comes from the air intake to the air filter - I didn't think these issues would lead to such a drastic lack of performance.

I'm well versed with torque to yield bolts, torque values and pretty much all things VW, but this is stumping me. Could anyone provide some insight as to what this could be? Forgive me if there are other threads re; this topic already.

Thanks in advance,

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