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I have been getting a constant clicking noise from somewhere inside the lower dashboard area. It seemed to be on the driver's side. A scan with VCDS yielded:

Address 08: Auto HVAC Labels: 1K0-907-044.lbl
Part No: 1K0 907 044 BA
Component: ClimatronicPQ35 066 0606
Shop #: WSC 00000 000 00000
VCID: 67D63B8E5603857738-8032

1 Fault Found:
01809 - Actuating Motor for Temperature Flap; Left (V158)
000 - - - Intermittent

Additionally, it did seem that air coming out of the driver's side was unusually hot all the time, regardless of the selected temperature in the Climatronic. First, I found this thread which details how to get at the actuator, and it saved me some time and trouble getting it out.

With it unbolted and hanging from the wire harness, I put the car into accessory mode and observed. Sure enough, it would start to move and then start going crazy, reversing direction and generally not seeming to be able to get to whatever position it wanted. I took it out and popped the cover off to see if there was a mechanical issue.

I popped out the various bits and bobs to see if anything was broken. All parts looked good.

So, that left the potentiometer. It is used to provide feedback to the climate control unit about the flap's actual position. These things are pretty robust, with failures usually occurring due to particulate contamination or the wiper wearing through the carbon resistor track. In this case, I suspected particulate contamination since the resistance varied smoothly as I moved the white wiper while a multimeter was connected.

The white wiper / cover cannot be removed without seriously damaging the rest of the part, but it is somewhat loose on there. I took some electrical contact cleaner and shot it through the gap between the white and green plastic parts, rotated the white wiper a bit, and sprayed it out again.

Thereafter, I reinstalled the module in the car and have had zero clicking noises or error codes in VCDS. It cost me about an hour of effort and a little bit of electrical contact cleaner. I would assume that this will work for any of the other HVAC actuators of similar construction. Hopefully this is helpful to folks...these little modules are quite expensive, especially considering how simple they are!

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VAG Error Code: 01809

Fault Location:
Actuating Motor for Temperature Flap: Left (V158) - No or Incorrect Basic Setting/Adaptation/Blocked or No Voltage/Mechanical Failure

Possible Cause:
HVAC temperature inconsistent.

Wiring/Connector(s) between Left Temperature Flap (V158) and A/C Control Head (E87) faulty.
Temperature flap stuck or obstructed (unable to move freely).
Check mechanical condition of components.
Left Temperature Flap (V158) faulty.

Possible Solutions:
Check/Replace Wiring/Connector(s) between Left Temperature Flap (V158) and A/C Control Head (E87) faulty.
Read Measuring Value Blocks (MVB).
Run Output Tests to make sure Left Temperature Flap (V158) can operate freely.
Perform Basic Setting/Adaptation.

As taken from my new Free EOBD II Error Codes software

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Yup, it was the position readout potentiometer. A couple of blasts with contact cleaner (after disassembling the thing) and it seems to be working 100% now!
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