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DIY AC Recharge

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Is there a writeup somewhere or some tips for DIY AC Recharge? The air doesn't seem to be working as well as before. Thanks in advance!
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1 word - dont.

Unlike many AC systems, your jetta does not has a sight glass window so you can't tell when it's full. Too much and too little will damage the system. I think there's a 20,000 fine for releasing freon into the air. You are supposed to use a vacuum machine to pull it out and then take it to a recycler.

All modern AC systems use the same type of freon, I forget what type it is, but you can get it at the parts store if you are feeling brave. I would just take it to a pro for this one. Plus, if it is leaking out, a pro will have a machine which can take out your freon, put in a flourescent dye and see where it's leaking from. I tried recharging an old car and it just leaked out a month later.

Also try checking the air filter for the cabin.

For regular maintenance of the system, run the AC once a month for a little while, even in the winter and it'll keep the AC system working forever.
A cause of leaking is small seeps, when you go to use it in the spring, it oils the o rings and it seals up the system.

Each winter you loose a little refrig. Just running it 2-3 times during the winter should help keep the ac system in working order.
2nd, with the setup on the mk4 it's easier to just take it to someone who has the proper tools.
Then what's a fair price for a recharge at a shop? Not the dealer!

May I throw a thought. The defroster is suposed to cycle the compresser to remove moisture from the air in the defrost cycle. I know this is the way the domestic cars work. Thanks eric davis AKA cadman1940
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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