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I've added the capability to display videos in posts, to embed them so you don't have to click away. To those not familiar with bulletin boards, you can't post html code because it would be a huge security risk. As a result, I have made some changes that let you post videos two ways.

1 - just cut/paste the URL of the video into the post. All the legitimate video sites are currently supported.

2 - Like some other boards, add a short piece of vbulletin code. For example, for google video, type [ gv ] google video ID [ / gv ] . Remove the spaces and put the google video ID number between the gv. This also works for liveleak, just add LL. If you prefer this, I can also add youtube YT.

I have put a test post here - http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1021

The video is of funny moments from the TV show cops and shows the two different formats as well - please note that there is very strong language used in the video.

The first one has the link at the top but takes up more space. The second one is cleaner without the border but doesn't have a direct link.

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Many people don't know how to post images and there's already a button for that, so what hope do they have of knowing what the video ID in the URL is and then putting the ubb code in? So go with 1.

And happy 4th everyone!
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