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Display for Gear (Manual) You Are In

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It would be nice for the MFI display to have a feature that instantly told you what gear you were in. I have a 2010 TDI Golf with a six speed manual transmission. I didn't see such a feature. I'm not missing it am I?
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Keith, how did they do it? Was it a VCDS coding issue, was it an ECU flash? Did it require any parts?
As far as I know its an ecu software update there is no option in VCDS to enable it. Why do you ask as its only shown available on the Match, BlueMotion, S, Twist, GT, GTI and GTD models with the HighLine dash? The update comes directly from VW as the car is plugged into the network system. I asked if they know what code it is to enable this they said no its done automatically online, but thats more dealer bull.
I'm interested to know how they enabled it with hopes of broadening my understanding of the systems. I was curious if it was through VCDS bc I'm trying to obtain more information as to how to code it. Those little checkboxes are only the options that Ross-Tech knows about or wants to (intentionally or legally) tell you. If you know how to long code each byte you can go far beyond what those little checkboxes can do. But information is very scarce right now, I'm even having trouble getting stuff out of the service manuals.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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