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Display for Gear (Manual) You Are In

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It would be nice for the MFI display to have a feature that instantly told you what gear you were in. I have a 2010 TDI Golf with a six speed manual transmission. I didn't see such a feature. I'm not missing it am I?
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The 2011s have it, 2010s don't. Not sure why. It not only tells you what gear you're in, but when to shift up or down, as well.
Yeah but it isn't second nature to look at the indicator. In fact, the only time I actually see the indicator is occasionally when it's telling me I should shift to the next gear for fuel economy, and the recommended shift points are WAY lower than the numbers that get thrown around here, especially for the "I only use 6th gear for going 65+ on the highway" types that frequent here and TDIClub. Expect to see a shift recommendation for 6th at around 41 MPH on a flat.
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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