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Display for Gear (Manual) You Are In

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It would be nice for the MFI display to have a feature that instantly told you what gear you were in. I have a 2010 TDI Golf with a six speed manual transmission. I didn't see such a feature. I'm not missing it am I?
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Well I asked about this feature as its supposed to be available on all 2010 Golfs but last year the dealer says it can't be enabled. I read a post on another forum where someone asked the dealer about this feature and they rang VW technical and they said there was a software update for the ecu to enable this.

Well if you read the UK Golf brochure all 2010 models should have it.
Well I'm not that bothered really its just that 2010 Golfs are advertised to have this but mine doesn't. I may call around the dealers some time to ask about this again. You don't need an indicator to tell you what gear you should be in do you?
Yes my last bike Suzuki GS750 had a digital gear indicator in the instruments but that was only a 5 speed. My Yamaha RD350 was 6 speed but that didn't need one. The thing is with motorcycles is you can't drop from 6th to 1st in one click you have to go down through each other gear first.

Yes they will always tell you to change up earlier than normal just for economy fujii13.
I want into the dealers yesterday to get a litre of oil. I'm just coming to the end of the litre they gave me when I picked it up so 8.5k per litre isn't bad.

Anyway while I was there is asked them about this digital gear indicator again that they say they can't fix because it must be an old MFD. I said I've asked this question on a few forums and the replies back. "My Nov 2009 Golf has this".
Buck said:
Garage rang today and told me that the gear change display can be done (theyd drawn a nlank yesterday and had to ring VW technical!) but will need a software update (ECU)
jamojdm said:
It might be something to do with an ecu update?

My old 2009 golf gt tsi went in with engine probs and had the ecu updated. When I got it back there was the gear change info on the highline display.
Quoted from another forum.

I asked if they is now an update available and he search through the computer and said no but I will go and have a word with the chief tech. He said no it was only fitted to the BlueMotion. He showed me all the options fitted to my car via the VIN number and there was nothing listed. I said replies on the forum say they asked their dealer about this option and they phoned Milton Keynes and there was a software update for this and as jamojdm says he took his in and when it came out he had this option. I just VW Stoke are a bunch of tossers.

While I was there I said I'm still not happy with the clutch pedal pulsating, show me another car that does the same if you say its common to that model. We found a new GTD in the lot and that did it very slightly but not as much as mine. The new GTD I tested last your didn't do it at all.
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So do you have this on yours?

You can show your fuelly without the link but not in your signature strangely.

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I'm afraid it a sign of our times with technology. The basic mechanics of a car haven't changed that much but computer technology is changing all the time so the only additional features that manufacturers can add is electronic to try and entice the customer.

So does your http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f19/clutch-pedal-pulsating-vibrating-2915/ ?
Well I was at the dealers for an hour this morning and they now have enabled the digital gear indicator. I said if anyone else asks about this you know what to do. They said we still have to follow the VW procedure but we now know it can be done.

Ok trying this function on the 10 mile trip back from the dealer it obviously points up to the next gear most of the time. Now if you maul it in 5th at 1000rpm it doesn't indicate the down arrow to 4th unless you are on the overun? It does show 1st gear unless you travel in 1st for a while? It disappears when you dip the clutch to change gear which I suppose is the norm. It won't increase any fuel con because I know which gear it should be in. It shows the dot . and the gear if its ok it's just a novelty factor. Obviously the clock moves over to accommodate this novelty feature so does that leave enough room for the compass feature if you have satnav?

We all now know it can be enabled its anyone wants it on their MY2010 GTD so don't take any :BS of the dealer?
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As far as I know its an ecu software update there is no option in VCDS to enable it. Why do you ask as its only shown available on the Match, BlueMotion, S, Twist, GT, GTI and GTD models with the HighLine dash? The update comes directly from VW as the car is plugged into the network system. I asked if they know what code it is to enable this they said no its done automatically online, but thats more dealer bull.
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