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I've taken the Jetta driver's side view mirror apart to replace a broken turn signal mirror and knew that VW decontented the puddle lights that were on 2005.5 cars for 2006. The driver's side had no puddle light. The puddle light is shown below on the passenger side. What I didn't realize is that my passenger side had the puddle light. With some VCDS tweaks, I activated it and it works! It's called ambient lighting in the door module. When you unlock the car it lights up and when you lock the car it stays on as long as the interior lights.

I also tried activating mirror-dip down just in case activating this setting changed something but it didn't work.

The benefit vs. the lights at the bottom of the inside door is that it lights the exterior of the car.

My best guess is that it's on my passenger side only because they had some left over parts on the assembly line. It doesn't make sense if it's a package 2 thing because it should be on both sides and because it wasn't activated from the factory. The next time I see some 2006 package 2, I'm going to check.

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