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Direct TMPS Installation DIY for MkV (2010)

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I tried searching everywhere but is there a DIY or instructions on how to install direct TPMS system (with sensors in the tires) into a 2010 Jetta Sedan (that came with the indirect TPMS system through ABS)

This is what I have done, I am missing anything?

1) Installed Sensors in the tires
2) Came home and enabled TMPS in 09-Elec
3) Enabled 65 Tire Pressure Monitoring in Can Gateway
4) Went into 65 TPMS Module and replaced 000000 coding with 018705
5) Used Security code and changed bar from 5.5 to 2.4 for all 4 tires
6) deflated tires over 15psi and inflated them back up (to activate/wake up TPMS)
7) left car idle with key in ON position for over 20 mins (the TPMS light was still on)
8) Drive car on highway for 5-7 mins and the TPMS light went off
9) Now when I go into VCDS --> 65 TMPS --> Measuring Blocks 1, 4, 7, 10, I see "Nor Recognized" but I saw 4 measuring blocks with a long string starting with rad# where # is 1,2,3,4
10) I deflated tires but the TPMS light never came up (while the car was parked)
11) No error codes

- Do I need to drive to get the TPMS light to come on once I reduce PSI in one of the tires?
- Also I never disabled indirect TPMS, do I need to?
- Am I suppose to be able to see the actual PSI in measuring blocks or adaptation somewhere?
- Am I suppose to see some valid data for measuring block 1,4,7,10?

I used the following links to gather all the info:

Can someone tell me if I am missing anything or is that it?

I used info from the following links:


I will do a write up if it does;t exist if someone can help me figure out what;s missing.
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If it's an option, why not use the indirect TPMS since it's already in the ABS pump right? http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a6/activate-tpms-system-vw-golf.htm
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