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Differerential Fluid

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I'm about to change my diff. fluid. Is a differential fluid additive needed ? Such as Lubromoly additive.
This could be over-kill with synthetic,so I thought I'd ask.
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Well Autodata says

Manual transmission oil grade SAE: 70W/75 Synthetic

Manual transmission oil classification: GL-4

Manual transmission litres: 1,7-1,9

Before draining the oil, proceed as follows:
1. Press and hold selector shaft.

2. Press rod and turn clockwise until it engages in and locks selector shaft.

3. Drain oil by removing drain plug and then selector shaft pivot pin.

4. After draining the oil release selector shaft and turn rod to its original position.

It shows on the picture 2 drain plugs with torques of 25Nm and 30Nm.

Now this is for Jetta 1.9 PD 2005> because it doesn't show earlier years.
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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