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Differences of turbochargers

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We have a 1.9TDi New Beetle in our family with a turbocharger coded 03G253014R, engine coded ALH.

I know, that ,for example, Seat Leon (year 2000) has also ALH coded 1.9TDi engine, but the turbocharger is coded 038253019C.

Could you tell me, what the difference is between those two turbchargers with different codes? Why they have different codes, does the Seat's turbo fits to my New Beetle?

Thank You!
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If both engines are 90hp, they are most likely interchangeable.

I know that there were differences in the support bracket and turbo oil return line over the years in ALH engines. Most VW 4 cylinder TDI engines use a similar bolt pattern and port shape too.
They are interchangeable. Lots of parts get small revisions, some get fitted to other motors and are changed to fit, etc.
Ok, I go straight to the point...

I need a turbo for 1.9TDi New Beetle 66kW, year 2002, engine ALH. The turbo, which was screwed off from my engine was with code 03G253014R. Please, could you guys give me a list of codes of turbos, which are suitable for this vehicle. I can understand, that with a several further modifications, I can install almost any kind of turbocharger to this engine, but I wish to know such turbos, which need only a tool for turning the bolts on and off.

Furthermore, if I search suitable turbos from different tables on the internet, I even can't find that the turbo with code 03G253014R fits to my 66kW engine. For example, the table here→


If you click on the blue "Part number" link you get an information, that this turbo with code 03G253014R goes to the 81kW Golf TDi engine. I am not the first owner of that car. And now I started to think, maybe the first owner installed the wrong turbo on this car and I am looking for wrong turbo as well. Confirm the statement, please, or disprove.

I am very newbie on turbo-knowledge. If you need any further information to answer my question, just ask.
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both 03G 253 014 R and 038 253 019 C will directly fit on your ALH 66kW engine. I did a quick search of 03G 253 014 R and it's correct for your engine.
There are also other turbos that will fit your engine. The VNT 17 will fit directly and will work the same. There's a list in the turbo FAQ. It won't give you more power unless you add more fuel though. A bigger turbo just gives you the ability to burn more fuel.
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