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continued from http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/09_10_TDInew_2.htm

The 2010 has a new multifunction display MFD+ and instrument panel. The speedometer in this picture is in kilometers. The new multifunction steering wheel is standard for all TDI in the US, both sedan, hatchback, and sportwagen. In 2009, the MFSW was only standard in the US TDI sedan, it was not available in the sportwagen TDI. For Canada, MFSW and MFD+ is standard on highline trim only. Note that the below picture is of a sedan. The Golf and Wagons get the pod cluster pictured at top.

The 2009 and earlier MFD+ display and instrument panel - color was red, it's now white. The red vs. white displays will only work with different bluetooth part numbers. See 1000q: mk5/mk6 VW Bluetooth FAQ for details and how to activate the phone book menu in the MFD+ display as seen above.

Here is the 2009 TDI interior with the older multifunction steering wheel, premium 7 radio, and manual climate control. The premium 7 radio was not touchscreen.

New for 2010 premium 8 RCD-510 touchscreen radio. This is the standard radio in all US TDI. Canada only: standard on sportline and highline only. The RCD 510 specs are: no hard drive for music but SD card capable. Compared to the RNS 510 GPS system, it does not play DVD video or display the Bluetooth phone book on the touchscreen (North American models only, Euro models have this capability). It does have an in dash 6 cd changer and 6.5" touchscreen. Screen resolution is half of RNS 510 because it's not a nav. Make sure that your dealer writes down the RCD 510 radio code on the owner's manual or invoice. The Golf's optional Dynaudio 300w radio is 8 speaker, no subwoofer.

Here is a demo of the RCD 510 touchscreen VW radio. The one shown here vs. the one shown in the car above has a slightly different faceplace.
Here is another demo of the RCD510 VW head unit. The official specs say it'll support 2GB SD cards but this person says it supports 8GB cards too.
Dual zone auto climate control is on top, North American TDI get the classic 3 dial controls (temp, fan, direction) shown bottom. If equipped with the cold weather package and heated seats, you activate the heat by pushing the middle of the climate control knobs.

If you have additional information, feel free to sign up or ask a question about this article at the forums here: myturbodiesel.com forums
Here are some video reviews of the new golf vs. old rabbit/golf.
UK review of the new Golf TDI vs older Euro market Golf TDI

Fifth Gear Golf 6 test drive

Why not a hybrid like the Prius?
The car most compared to a Jetta TDI is the Prius. However, driving feel and handling, looks, and size (station wagon) are all very different. For more details on why a Jetta is a good choice and why not a hybrid, see 1000q: general TDI buying guide and checklists. If you are totally new to diesels and would like some basic information on how a different from a gasoline car, see 1000q: how a diesel works. Real world experiences since 1996 have shown that the EPA fuel economy ratings for TDIs tend to be low. Even after accounting for variation between cars, drivers, and test conditions, TDIs really shine on highway mpg. But a diesel is not all about the best fuel economy or lowest cost per mile! I believe that the Jetta TDI sedan and wagon are an excellent choice for most people due to the combination of safety features, fuel economy, resale value, handling, and cost. The best car for you is a car that matches your needs, not mine. It comes down to your values of what you want in a car and economy. Even still, Autoweek magazine said, "For comfort, quiet and highway handling, our drivers found the TDI had significant advantages over every other car in the test. It would have been our choice, in other words, for an easy daytrip on the interstates, regardless of fuel economy. And we topped the hybrids by driving with just a little attention to fuel economy, not making it an obsession." Ultimately, your mileage and experience may vary depending on your driving style and other factors. If your choice of car were based solely on money, buying a well maintained, used, compact car like a Civic will cost far less in depreciation, sales tax, and lifetime fuel costs compared to buying any new car! And if fuel economy were everything then ride a bike!
Below left is a video review of the Prius vs. Jetta TDI (diesel fuel is now less expensive than gas, the video was made when diesel was more expensive).
Production of the Golf on the assembly line

Engine testing and assembly (very last part is Touareg specific)
Chassis testing for test cars (reminds me of driving in Boston although I've hit more huge potholes in NYC
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