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I have rejoined the diesel community with a Cayenne Diesel. I previously owned a 1997 TDI passat and enjoyed the torque and fuel economy. Ridding a much larger torque wave with the Porsche.

Let’s get a thread started to explore the tuning possibilities of the 3.0L TDI across all platforms, Audi, VW and Porsche.
Let’s try to gather as much information about each system to make an educated purchase and decide which system is best for each of our purposes.
To ensure the systems are safe for the engines, EGT’s should be measured as diesel engines make more power with more fuel up to a point, but the EGT’s continue to climb as more fuel is added.
I would like to see a system like the Bullydog for the Dodge which has several power levels and a fuel economy mode with real time EGT’s and an adjustable alarm for high EGT’s to keep the engine safe.
I would like to have a DPT delete and EGR delete option “For Off Road Use Only†wink, wink.
These would require flashing the ecu for these 2 systems to be deleted to avoid a CEL.
Please post real world MPG if anyone runs one of these systems. The numbers need to be calculated and not rely on the onboard computer. With a tuning box the computer does not know it is injecting more fuel and the OEM fuel consumption may be inaccurate.
Know Systems:
1. BlueSpark Tuning Box Pro
HP 306-312 bhp
Torque 500 lb/ft
MPG +5 to +15
The website you can have a max of the above power numbers but not both of them at the same time.
¼ mile
Cost $425 plus shipping
Concerns about not being tested on the lower Cetane US diesel.

I have experience with the original Tuning Box for a 1997 Passat TDI. It increased fuel mileage by 5 mpg (up to 55mpg) and felt much stronger under acceleration. Manufacturer quoted 20% more Hp and Torque. I never dynoed the car so I don’t have any hard numbers. The car was run tuned for over 90,000 miles.

2. APR
Hp 240 +34 Hp
Torque 433 +40 lb-ft

The APR Stage I ECU Upgrade gives you higher peak numbers of 240 HP and 433 FT-LBS of torque. As much as 34 HP and 40 FT-LBS of torque are available through the power band
Dyno graph over stock is below:

0-60 ¼ mile
Best Measured Stock 7.3 sec 19.4 sec
Best Measured APR Stage I 7.1 sec 18.7 sec

Cost $699
I have emailed the company to see if the ECU reflash will work with the Porsche and have not received an answer.
3. EcoTune
A Scottish company that combines a DPF delete, turning down the EGR valve and a reflash for BMW 1 series diesels.
I will email diesel tuners to see if a kit like this could be made for our platform.

Hp not stated
MPG +5 to +10 depending on the tune
3 tunes are offered
iFlash is a cutting edge programmer which allows our customers to alter the level of tune on their vehicle at their leisure

Posted by their developer
removal of the DPF drops the exhaust gas temperature by around 45°c which results in much cooler running exhaust valves, manifold and turbocharger, this of course has a direct effect on the intake charge temperature resulting in more air at any given rpm and the turbo charger spools more dianamically and earlier offering increased oxygen in low rpms.
The drop in EGT's opened up many windows during software development and we were able to inject the fuel much earlier allowing the same amount of fuel more time to burn releasing more energy and carefull adjustments to the rail pressure provided an improved spray pattern with slightly increased injection quantity offering the increase in performance with more complete combustion. The egr map is tuned to close much earlier further increasing the cylinder oxygen content.

I should also add that when you remove the DPF an a BMW diesel, the car remains visibly smokeless until the car attempts a regen where the vehicle will emit grey/white smoke which is unburned diesel.

Please add comments and information.
Hopefully the site sponsers will enter the discussion.

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I have a BlueSpark Pro+Boost, and paid $352 delivered. Perhaps you don't realize that their advertised price + shipping includes a 20% domestic tax (VAT). Merchandise exported to the USA do not include VAT. It's got nine selectable maps AND a zero map which defaults back to the factory ECU map. It truly does increase both performance and fuel economy, I've seen as high as 36.2 mpg (highway) and the combined mileage since new is approaching 30 mpg. Porsche claims 0-60 in 7.2 seconds, and I'm reasonably confident that Map 7 has dropped that into the low sixes. Map 7 is an estimated 288hp/496ft-lb. I just switched to Map 6 (282/496) yesterday, but haven't put it on the road yet. Despite a possible 2% decrease in fuel economy, it is illustrated as producing the flattest remapped torque curve.

As far as our lousy diesel fuel, I try to refill with the highest cetane rating available. I keep the following list stuck in the sun visor.
BP (Amoco branded), 51;
Countrymark fuels Diesel-R, 50
Chevron, 49; or 51 with Techron D labels in select markets
ConocoPhillips through the 76 stations (California) 47-53
PetroCanada, 47-51
BP (Powerblend 47, otherwise 40-42)
Shell, 46;
Sinclair, 46;
Sunoco Gold, 45 (often +1-5) Sunoco regular is usually 40.
Exxon/Mobile, 43-46
Holiday Stations, 40-43
HESS, 40-42, can be up to 45.
Husky, 40 + diesel Max additives raise another 1-3 from there (41-45 max)
Love's: 40
Pilot: 40
Valero: 40
Sheetz: 40
Flying J, 40
Wawa, 40
In my area, that pretty much limits me to Shell. When stuck buying something lower than 46, twelve ounces of Power Service added to a fill-up adds about 5 numbers. My OBD2 tool will provide the temperature values you mention, but I've never looked at them while in motion. It is not sophisticated enough to record/archive/graph, so I would have to rely on an occasional passenger to monitor real time numbers.


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Subscribed. Today, ordered KermaTDI for 2012 Touareg TDI US $699 free ground shipping.

Got a nice email response, posting it here for the group. I’ll update my experience as I move through the process, and share what I learn.

Email received after purchase:

Hi Todd

When you receive your QPro programmer, plug it into OBD using the supplied cable, and follow the touchscreen prompts to read the original file from your car. These functions are found at the "tuning" icon. (Hint: Use the double "right" arrow to proceed to the next screen as applicable)

Then you will use the PC software to save the file from the QPro device, and this file is sent to [email protected] as an E-mail attachment for processing.

Here's the link to download the user software for your PC:

Download Link

Some anti-virus programs flag this file as a virus. It is not a virus! You may need to disable your anti-virus programs for the installation. You may also need to whitelist the program and or folder. Refer to your anti-virus provider documentation regarding how to accomplish this.

See the additional instructions for windows 8 and windows 10 below. If you have a "device not found" error, you need to follow those additional steps, then repeat the installation.

Once the software is installed, you will only need to know 2 functions: Download Data and Upload Data. You will see these in the left menu. The Q-Pro uses the USB cable for the PC.

1) Download Data: Transfer the file (that was read from the car) from the device to the PC. E-mail this file to us, then we can send the modified file.

2) Upload Data: Transfer the modified file (that we send in e-mail) from the PC to the QPro device.

After we send the modified file, use the QPro Console software to upload to the device. Then go to the car, and follow the onscreen prompts to write the tuned file to the car.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.


Note for windows 8/10 users:


you need to disable driver signature enforcement

in Windows, open the start menu. Do this by tapping the windows key or click the window symbol in the lower left corner of your screen

Click "power"

then while holding the shift key, click "restart"

Computer reboots.

At the "select an option" screen:

Select "troubleshoot"

Select "advanced Options"

Select "startup settings"

Click "restart"

Computer reboots

When it reboots, find "disable driver signature enforcement" on the list and select the corresponding function key (usually "F7" key)

computer reboots

Now you can install the Console program: Run the Console installation program as administrator (right click menu)

On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 8:17 PM KERMATDI <[email protected]> wrote:

KERMATDI New Customer

This email was sent to notify you that a new order has been placed. The

details of the order are listed below:


Name: Todd Weaver
Email: [email protected]

Shipping Address
Todd Weaver
Vancouver, WA
United States

Shipping Method:
UPS Ground

Method: credit
Card type: Visa

Order Details
Quantity: 1

Item: VW Touareg TDI
Tuning (3.0 Engine Tuning) Car year and model: 2012 Transmission: Auto/DSG

Unit Price: $699.00
Total Price: $699.00
---------------------------------- subtotal: $699.00
total: $699.00


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