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As you already know, I had the car for just a few weeks... so I'm doing all the silly things one does right after buying a car. I come from a gasser world, so a lot of stuff is new to me on this engine.
Reading the forums found out about this LM product and wanted to give it a try. Was really hard and expensive to get 2 cans here... but finally managed to :D
Some pics and a video:

The fuel filter added in the loop came out REALLY dirty:

Live action:

Now the car feels waaaaaaaaaaay quieter on idle... besides the injector idling correction went down and BIP values across all 4 inj. are now closer to each other. I'm happy with the result.

Also, I was having cold start issues and went for the simplest thing (glow plug change).
This is how the old ones where:

Now cold start is just as it should be :D

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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