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Diesel Fuel Additives

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My housemate recently bought a 2009 JSW TDI and I have a mid 80's MBZ Diesel. Reading the forums for the MBZ they make a big deal out of fuel additives due to possible lubricity issues with ULSD etc. I know the JSW common-rail TDI engine is designed to run on ULSD, but i guess my question is, should a fuel additive be used to ensure lubricity as with the older diesels engines from yesteryear or am i overthinking this? Just want to make sure my housemate has all the facts. He just knows to put diesel in it and drive it and will ask me if something goes wrong.

Thanks again.
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It's designed to run on USLD and the seals are all fresh so USLD won't cause them to shrink. Make sure he knows to put diesel in it :) and drive more worry less. I'm sure additives would help but how much who knows. Maybe in the winter it will help starting and prevent gelling.
While VW doesn't approve any diesel additive other than Stanadyne most 09/2010 owners are use various additives of their choice. I use FPPF Lubricity Plus in both our 09 tdi's. Does it do any good? Who will ever know. Peace of mind is what its worth.

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