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Diesel Addatives?

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Say, I always kept a small box with several screw top jars of addative in it I'd use every fill up. 2 oz. summer and 4 in winter. Anybody have advice or suggestions regarding this practice?

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I've been tossing around the idea of additives in my 12 Golf, but haven't pulled the trigger yet. From the research I've done, VW of A doesn't "officially" approve the use of one single brand of additive. Though on the Stanadyne website, it does say that they're approved via a Service/Tech bulletin for a specific formula...Lubricity. What's not explained is what specific condition or why it's recommended via the service bulletin, but not official by VW of A. Here's the link for the page...

So it's kinda confusing since I've read that people have contacted VW of A and received a very generic answer stating that no additives are recommended, but on the Stanadyne website, per a service recommendation, it's ok??? It seems like a catch 22, but with the lower lubricating properties of ULSD, it can't hurt to use one. I've read good things about Power Service and also Stanadyne. Guess its just up to you which formula from either manufacturer will fit your needs and what you're trying to accomplish; weather it's anti-gel for cold weather months, or an all-season additive. Also the availability might also be a factor of which you plan on using. Stanadyne from what I've found is tough to find locally, but can be ordered online; where as Power Service from what I've read, is more readily available...local parts stores, Walmart, etc.

There's all kind of info on this site as well as numerous other sites online regarding the different types of additives for diesel. It's just simple to do the research and figure out which you want to use and go for it!!!
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