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Diesel Addatives?

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Say, I always kept a small box with several screw top jars of addative in it I'd use every fill up. 2 oz. summer and 4 in winter. Anybody have advice or suggestions regarding this practice?

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Okay I am new to diesels also. If adding lubricity to ULSD was a good thing, would it not seem reasonable that VAG would suggest or at least state that additives are okay? If HPFP or injectors benefited through increase service life I would think the OEM would want that or am I missing something?

Recommending an additive is tantamount to admitting that there's a design flaw in the CR engine. That would open the doors for a class action lawsuit and probable brand dilution.
Okay so selling cars with a design flaw issue caused by ULSD won't dilute the brand image when engines crap out early? Not trying to argue but I do enjoy the banter... thanks for the reply. :thumbsup
These forums aren't representative of the overall VW buying population. With HPFP failures at < 1%, the only people that fret about it are guys like us.

If VW were to admit that there was a design problem explicitly or implicitly, the issue would be much better known by the automotive media and thus the car buying public.
Yes, car companies are secretive and like to hide their problems. I agree very few drivers want to know anything about their cars. My favs are the Fords ad; the one with the women saying "like I would know what 20s are?"

I have a 2010 Ford Escape, company car, that had a series of leaking axle seals, axles and finally a trans-axle case all before a TSB was even issued. Same for Mercury Sable that ate rear brakes and calipers; Ford claimed faulty brake pads; issued recall right after company paid $500 to fix...

Japanese are not forthright either... that is why there are forums like this for all brands.
1 - 3 of 35 Posts
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