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Diesel Addatives?

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Say, I always kept a small box with several screw top jars of addative in it I'd use every fill up. 2 oz. summer and 4 in winter. Anybody have advice or suggestions regarding this practice?

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This thread is a worthwhile read for anyone using biodiesel and/or PowerService as an additive: http://forums.tdiclub.com/showthread.php?t=343251

BTW, I'm ChimpanZed on TDIclub.

With 85 miles on my 2012 JSW I added 4oz of PowerService Diesel Fuel Supplement, and at 200 miles I added .3 gallons of B100. In both instances I topped off the tank with petrodiesel to make sure it mixed. Based on my conversation with PowerService, I plan to switch to 4oz of Diesel Kleen per ~12 gallon fill-up. I also intend to add a quart of B100 as well to make a B2 blend.

FWIW, all diesel sold in Texas is required to have a Cetane rating of 48 or higher. I just wish we got B5 out of the pump like Pennsylvania does.
Hey Dave,

I'm new around here and to diesels in general. I'm obsessed with car forums, however, so I like to read up on the quirks of our engines. All that reading has driven me to my current strategy. I am by no means an expert.

I use additives due to the conventional wisdom that ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel) mandated in the US isn't the best for our engines. Unlike with gasoline engines, many parts of a diesel engine's fuel system are lubricated by the fuel itself. ULSD doesn't lubricate as well as some would like, so using lubricity additives like biodiesel, PowerService, etc. is meant to compensate for that.

B2 (2% biodiesel) seems to be the lowest concentration of biodiesel that has the most dramatic impact in increased lubrication. More that B2 seems to have diminishing returns, that is, B5 is only fractionally better than B2. For those of us who have to manually add biodiesel, B2 is a practical concentration to use: one quart biodiesel per tank - B5 would require 1.25 gallons per tank - a bit much to carry in your trunk.

Additional additives are probably overkill for those of us using B2 in high cetane states like TX, but they won't hurt.
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Recommending an additive is tantamount to admitting that there's a design flaw in the CR engine. That would open the doors for a class action lawsuit and probable brand dilution.
What do you mean by high cetane state? I live in Houston, is the diesel here required to be higher cetane?
I thought that was the case, but after reading the law a bit further it seems that it's a bit more complicated. Here's the law:


If I'm reading it right, the cetane rating for diesel sold in Texas must range between 43 and 49.
These forums aren't representative of the overall VW buying population. With HPFP failures at < 1%, the only people that fret about it are guys like us.

If VW were to admit that there was a design problem explicitly or implicitly, the issue would be much better known by the automotive media and thus the car buying public.
I was thinking about adding one of the 507 spec oils to the fuel
how much are you supposed to add per tank? Sounds like it might be expensive.
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