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Diesel Addatives?

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Say, I always kept a small box with several screw top jars of addative in it I'd use every fill up. 2 oz. summer and 4 in winter. Anybody have advice or suggestions regarding this practice?

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Are additives necessary in warm weather climates? This is all new to me. We currently have a 2000 Golf TDI with 325,000 miles on it, and I never added anything to the fuel. And the engine has never given us trouble (everything else around the engine has). Now, we also have a brand new 2012 JSW TDI, 2,600 miles, and I have added nothing to it.

FYI - we live in SE Louisiana, and I have a daily commute of 130 miles a day, 80% on open interstate, 15% in traffic on the interstate, 5% city driving... give or take...
1 - 1 of 35 Posts
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