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Did anyone else watch the American Top Gear on the History channel?

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First, what does Top Gear have to do with History?

Second, the show was watchable but I hope the hosts develop some better chemistry and stage presence. It was a mistake calling it Top Gear because people will always compare it to the original.
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Adam Carolla would have been a great addition - he's an experienced host.
In my opinion, American Top Gear is and will continue to be a flop. The hosts are boring, not enthusiastic, and not exciting. The original British Top Gear has been a great success even though some guests are not know in the US. The British hosts are funny, entertaining and informative. The American Stig could be OJ Simpson's driver. The British Stig is top notch. Beyond all, European cars have always done more with less: HP with smaller engines, more MPG, better handling etc. The US government/EPA and even the American consumer just may have a different set of priorities than Europeans ie emissions. Who wants to watch things about boring American spec watered down BMWs, Audis, and Mercedes? Boring! Don't we want to dream about cars we can't purchase in the US? American Top Gear has no business on the History Channel or any other channel. We in the US need to focus on making the best pickup trucks. After driving the Toyota turbo diesel pickup over seas, the only thing protecting the American automakers is government policies.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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