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Hello, I am in need of some guidance to help with my learning curve for electronics and diagnosing. Specifically where do you find resistance and voltages for the electronics so I can determine if part a is good or bad.

Story, 1998 VW, AGR / ALH, NB

I recently finished changing out my timing belt, the job went fine, but when done checking the timing I ran the auto scan to see how the car was doing. And found the faults, see attachment. I started reading and found myself thinking of part changing, I paused and started thinking about why could I have these errors and engine running fine. Well it turns out that when I used the starter to rotate the engine a few times to let the belt settle in, I didn’t have the sensor(G71,G72) connected and tripped all the faults.
Even though I had the problem solved, I hope, it tickled my curiosity. I looked at my wiring diagram to see what information it had, basically just the flow of the wires, attached below. I checked the resistance but I don’t know what they are supposed to be. I went to the Bosch site and there were not any resistances or voltage values I can use to check functionality. Where do you guys find this information?

Bosch site Low Pressure Sensors | Bosch Auto Parts


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