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Newb here - have a '15 Gulf Sportwagen TDI. Running great but got the Check Engine Lt with Code P2000 - NOx inefficient or some such. Also began to get the DEF Level countdown. Filled DEF Tank, still getting the countdown.

Then noticed all three connections to my DEF Tank (two pin connectors, one probe-like connector) were disconnected, and it sort of looks like someone cut away half the plastic cover that goes under the tank. The two pin connectors still look fine, and clipped right back in. The probe connector, however, appears to be broken. So...

(1) What is the probe type connector? (pictures of probe and connector port attached)

(2) Is it possible all three connectors came out by accident? I don't believe so, but the car was run up over a curb recently.

(3) I know catalytic converter theft is a thing these days, but DEF Tank components? Or did a meth-head just THINK that was the catalytic converter?

Thanks - I've got 400 miles to go before the car supposedly shuts down.


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