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For those of you who might be going through an unusually high number of headlight bulbs, this is for you.Today I replaced the 8th low beam headlight bulb on my 02 Golf. Out of frustration from the number of bulbs that have blown, I found a way to dissable the daytime running lights. There is a relay, #173 , that when removed, dissables the daytime running lights, and nothing else. It is found behind the drivers side kick panel on a relay board behind the fuse panel. While it took only 5 minutes to remove, it does require removing a few bolts to get at. I hope this might help improve the longevity of the lights. Also, this alleviates the alternator having to produce 110 watts (55 watts x2) during the day. I just replaced the alternator at an Autozone price of 220 US dollars, so again I am hoping to improve the alternators longevity as well. I just wish I had done this for the first 155 thousand miles!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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