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I would recommend Gates

In the recent past I used Dayco radiator hoses and belts on two different cars for lack of another brand in stock at my parts store. I strongly caution AGAINST USING DAYCO products. I noticed within less than a year both radiator hoses were rock hard and the rubber was brittle. The belts also were deteriorating leaving a black rubber dust all over the area where they were. Having used Gates before, I replaced the hoses and belts with Gates and now insist on this brand because of their good reputation. In my opinion, Dayco is cheap crap and I would only use in an emergency and for limited time. I definitely would not trust a timing belt change to a subpar brand like Dayco. I've never heard of Gates branding Dayco products as their own. I doubt that would ever happen. And lets get something straight...there is no way that Dayco is an upgrade to Gates...suppliers that are out of Gates may suggest Dayco, but thats because they can't get it to sell otherwise. I doubt that would ever happen. Just look at the two products side by side and flex the rubber...you'll see the difference. Also I've heard many people say that a common problem with Dayco belts is that they are difficult to work with because they fit too exactly or are a hair too small...probably because the cheap rubber and stitching they use stretches out too much and too quickly.
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