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CV Boot Replacement (outer) Driver Side

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I'm replacing the outer CV Joint boot on the drivers side and had a few questions. I have watched the video and article Chitty did and was excellent and informative. I have a 2006 Jetta tdi and would like to know if the the complete axle and joints can be removed the same way in the Jetta as it was done in the Passat without removing the bottom bracket of the control arm. I would prefer not removing the axle if possible so I have a few questions if anybody can assist.

1) Does the complete axle need to be removed or can it be left bolted to the transmission and just the spline be taken out of the hub.

2) To break the joint from the axle I watched a video where a guy just used the old axle bolt and drove it back in with an impact wrench and it popped the joint easily off the axle (1988 Audi Quattro). He did not use a socket on the bolt like a few people commented. Here is the video:

Can this be done on the Jetta?

3) Anybody have a list of torque specs for all the bolts for the whole job?
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No, the Passat uses a completely different suspension configuration. The axle itself is similar but the removal is different. You will have to loosen the lower control arm at the ball joint to get some play.

1. you can do both but obviously removal is more comfortable since you have to mess around it.
2. not sure, depends if the driveshaft is hollow, you could also mess up the threads.
3. no but make sure to tighten the transmission side axle bolts in a star pattern, preferably with clean threads and blue threadlocker. these can loosen up.

There's no DIY for this, if you want to take pictures and notes it would help someone else.
Thanks Chitty. I will try and document the RR for the Jetta. I hope to get to it this weekend if I'm not sent out of town for work.
When you say loosen the ball joint... you are referring to the three bolts underneath?
I have DSG transmission with M10 axle bolts (59 Ft-lbs) so I would prefer to leave the axle in if possible...as I suspect they will be a bit difficult to loosen with long extensions.
ball joint: yes. Mark their position to minimize alignment issues. I forget if they can move (don't think so) but it's good practice. Once it's loose you should have enough play to slip out the axle shaft end out of the hub. I've never actually done one on this car but it shouldn't be too different than 90% of FWD cars.
Completed the outer boot replacement. It was pretty straight forward. Will try and write a short DIY this week. Thanks for the help. Excellent forum!
Completed the outer boot replacement. It was pretty straight forward. Will try and write a short DIY this week. Thanks for the help. Excellent forum!
Did you ever do a write up on this? I have a 2011 Jetta TDI 2.0L W/DSG I seen video where guy takes end of cv off with hub bolt and impact also. My model also has cir clip, not snap ring on end and plastic retainer then metal curved washer. Took old one off to get familiar but wondering if you need new circlip in order for it to go back onto spines with tapping it back on as it kept wanting to shift on me and turn as bearings were trying to fall out. Please if anyone can help me I don’t want local box store junk!
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