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CV Boot Heat Shield Missing? 2010 Jetta TDI

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Missing Heat Shield on 2010 Jetta TDI: Started new thread on Mk5 forum.
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CV Boot Heat Shield Missing? 2010 Jetta TDI
NOTE: This topic started in another thread (2010 TDI Golf Wagon - low rpm resonance). Opening a new tread since it's a different topic.

We bought a 2010 Jetta TDI SportWagon DSG and noticed a noise coming from the right front of the car.

The dealer found a damaged CV Boot Heat Shield and ordered a replacement. After installing the replacement, the noise came back. The tech inspected two other 2010 Jetta TDI's and found they did not have the shield installed. The tech removed the shield and said we didn't need it.

Chitty mentioned on older models the shield was designed to protect the CV Boot from heat and prematurely trying out. (see his comments on thread mentioned above). I agree and now am concerned that the shield should be there.

Question: Can anyone else with a 2010 TDI check to see if their car has the shield installed or not?
Click on image for larger view.
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First post moved - there is going to be a lot of overlap between the current mk5 and mk6 forum. Depending on how the next Jetta and any other new TDI are set up, I may end up merging the current mk6 info into the mk5 forum and calling it the mk5 Jetta or wagon /mk6 Golf or wagon and having a different forum for the mk6 Jetta.

That's a lot of surface rust for a new car. Either that or the flash makes it look worse than it really is. I can see where the heat shield was mounted - the 2 holes on the block which are slightly less rusty. If you look up you'll see the turbo. While I'm not 100% sure that the heat shield was dropped I believe that it should be on there because the EGR system is right about the CV boot and the turbo isn't too far away. I don't know the exhaust routing so do you have another pic showing the distance between the CV boots and the exhaust pipes?
Posted more pictures to My Album

Yes, I took several photos while the belly pan cover was removed. You can find them in my Album.

The rust isn't as bad as it looks in the photos; it's surface rust. I'll shoot some LPS on the parts next time I'm under the car.

I should have held a ruler between the CV joint and the exhaust for perspective. I hope someone else with a 2010 Jetta TDI gets a chance to check their car for the heat shield.
Update: Another VW Tech corraborated removal is recommended.

Update: I visited another VW dealership today and explained my concern about the CV Boot shield removed by the original dealership. He called over his Tech who attended 2010 VW training and showed him the first dealer's diagnosis on the service invoice.

He said "I remember this car!" It turns out he talked to the tech at the original dealer about the problem. They found a VW bulletin stating the problem occurs only on Jetta Diesels because they have a full belly pan that creates a vacuumn effect above the belly pan. This causes the plastic guard to "flutter" and make the noise... VW's recommendation: remove the plasic guard.

The Tech went on to say the guard's purpose is not to act as a heat shield (it's made out of plastic) but to protect the other components under the car from grease in case of a CV boot rupture. That makes sense because the particulate filter and other exhaust components could start to smoke or ignite the grease if enough of it sprays out.

He also asked if I was aware of the exhaust flange failures on the 2010 TDI's. Apparently there are issues with failed exhaust flanges (didn't say where) and the "fix" is to weld them. Anyone else heard of exhaust flange failures?

At this point I'm satisfied with VW's diagnosis of the flutter noise but would prefer to have a sturdier guard (that didn't make the noise).

Side note: The Tech today said the original tech "is one of the best in the area". Nice to know he's highly regarded.
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Why did your car have one and the others didn't? Interesting that they made the plastic so thin. Previous TDI had pretty thick plastic shields.

I have not heard of the exhaust flange failures.

What dealership did the tech work at? It would be nice to know what dealer has someone who knows TDIs. *Of course every tech at the dealer is different.
Follow up

Why did my car have one and the others didn't? Could be your previous suggestion of a "rolling production change" is the answer. Otherwise I have no idea.

We bought the car from The Autobarn in Mt. Prospect, IL. They have three stores in the Chicagoland area. The tech's name was Steve (not sure of last name). The dealership closer to home where I got the "second opinion" is Anderson of Crystal Lake, IL. The tech at Anderson was "Allen". He spoke highly of Steve and said he's one of the best Master Techs in the area. Allen's Service Manager said he (Allen) was very good too - Allen was very modest. I appreciated the fact he took the time to answer my questions and offered advice.
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