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Cranks but doesn't start, 2001 Jetta 1.8T

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Sorry that this isn't a diesel but I am at a total loss. Like the title says, when I crank the engine over it doesn't start.

This is a coil on plug engine so four coil packs going bad at once can't happen. I have a spare coil pack that I know works and I connected that to one of the coil's connector. I cranked on the engine and there was no spark.

Plugs are good.

When cranking on the engine, the tach jumps up to 200 RPM. If the CPS was bad then there would be no RPM.

No CELs, the CEL goes out after a few seconds of cranking. No error codes.

I sprayed starting fluid into the inlet of the engine to no avail.

I was finding the fuel pump relay engaging when cranking the engine.

I jumped out the fuel pump relay, but the pump did not come on.

There seems to be something that is keeping sparks from happening AND disabling the fuel pump even though the fuel pump relay is working.

Please help me :(
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Welcome to the forum. welcometomyturbodies

I'm not familiar with that car but have you Googled this problem?


What is the mileage, has the timing belt been changed?

Can you remove part of the timing cover and get someone to crank it and see if the belt turns? ;)
Timing belt is good (visual check) and was replaced back at 90k miles. Currently there is 145,000 miles on the car. BTW even with a snapped timing belt, the fuel pump should still turn on when cranking the engine.
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