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Crack and spun flywheel

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I'm in the process of doing a flywheel and clutch job on my 2002 jetta tdi, and when i dropped the transmission i noticed the flywheel center was crack and spun so i can't get to the flywheel bolts. Does anyone have any sujestions on how to get to the bolts? Thanks in advance. Oh the clutch is a sachs clutch with 170500miles
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Do you mean it's covering the bolts? If you can't pry it to turn then you have to cut away material to get access to the bolts. Does it look like this:

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I've had that happen at wrk, just used a pry bar& moved it enough to get socket on. cheers Genos
Thanks for the tip, I tried to pry on it but I was afraid to pry too hard so i just cut the metal off that was covering the bolts. no problem after that. thanks again GENOS! now to tackle the rear seal.
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