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So, I have been talking with Andrew (2Micron) about doing this to my car for months...literally. I had originally contacted him about the filter kits, but as our conversations grew longer we moved into the CP3 realm. Well, I finally got the time to devote to doing it, so we got serious about it. I know the failure rate of the current CP4.1 is rather low, but I just didn't want to have to deal with it anymore. Out of site, out of mind. Plus, I have gone onto Stage III and figured at some point I would want to push the car further, which the CP3 has plenty of room to go as far as rail pressure. But, my main reason is reliability and longevity...I want the car to last. I may never mod it any further...who knows. Next step will probably be a stronger clutch. Anyway, Andrew put me in contact with a place to source the pump, and he sent me his parts to do the install, along with the 2Micron pre-filter so that we could feed the new pump pure "Unicorn piss!". I received everything on Monday, and started the install yesterday...finishing it up today. Runs like a champ! Here are some photos and my initial start up video...enjoy! Any questions, just shoot!
Link to initial start up:
Old pump out

Adapter plate in

Alignment tool

New pump in with Andrew's goodies

New hub and original HPFP sprocket installed

All back together

Top view

Looks factory!

Another angle

Old fuel line, HPFP and electric Auxiliary Fuel Pump

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I realize this is a super old post but how did this work out long term in the 2.0 if you’re still around? Anyone still doing cp3 and 2micron kits?
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