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Cost to replace timing belt

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What is a fair cost to replace the timing belt? 2004 TDI.

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Passat or Jetta/Golf/New Beetle? Be sure that the water pump, tensioner and idler are also replaced...

Are you doing the going to a dealership, private garage, or a TDI-Specialist (many of those are referred-to as "Gurus" over on the TDIclub)...

Please go over the procedure that's outlined in the 1000q "how To" section here so that you can ask the proper questions... (such as what lockdown tools they use...)

Dealership will be the most expensive, naturally, possibly around $1000... An independent could charge around $500...

Closest TDI-Specialist to you known to me would be in Davidson...

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It's a term that has sort evolved to describe those mechanics who have a record of performing (mostly) timing belt changes in the proper manner, without taking shortcuts... Some operate garages, some work out of their homes, some do this full-time, some only on weekends. The bottom line is that they'll use (or recommend for you to buy) a complete kit of parts - many dealers and garages leave out components or bolts, not to mention that many old-time VW "specialists" don't lock down the engines but use what has become to be derisively called "mark and pray"...

A vw guru -- Chitty of coarse !!
For sure, the force behind this wonderful website is a TDI guru... I didn't know that he works on other people's cars, as he's never made it obvious...

About 1,100.00 in Oklahoma includes parts.
Sounds like a dealership price... if you happen to be driving to Dallas or Tulsa you can get high quality work done for a lot less...

What is the reasonable cost for timing belt, water pump and related parts?
There are things that need checking in addition to simply replacing the belt(s), tensioner, water pump and idler on your car. This model (BRM engine) is known for wearing out the camshaft and lifters, which may raise the price substantially.

For a procedure that only has to be performed every 80 - 100,000 miles, price or convenience shouldn't be the overriding factor... just get it done properly! I initially thought you were in Redmond, WA... there's a very good TDI specialist shop there... in your case, I don't know of anyone closer than Portland I would trust with this... sorry...

All the best,

Yes, finding a reliable TDI tech often means scheduling a road trip, but... people like Jason are certainly worth the effort!

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