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Cost to replace timing belt

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What is a fair cost to replace the timing belt? 2004 TDI.

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Guru - A spiritual leader of Hinduism. A vw guru -- Chitty of coarse !!
Hey thanks, I'm not a guru, I just document everything I do which makes me seem more experienced than I really am.

For sure, the force behind this wonderful website is a TDI guru... I didn't know that he works on other people's cars, as he's never made it obvious...

Hey thanks, it does take a bit of work to keep the website updated and add more material. I do not work on anyone else's car but will sometimes help someone else do a complex job. Te level of knowledge by the true gurus is far greater. The trick is getting you guys to share it :)

New here so I don't know. But .... where is the list of gurus? What are the criteria for getting on it? Could someone who is not on it do just as well?

I got a reasonable quote (650 to 700 incl w/p) from a local garage whom a close friend trusted with her VW for years. What questions would you guys ask them before letting them work on my car?

Thanks for your very helpful input. Great forum. I've just never neede to do much work on my VW Golf TDI!

You could print out the DIY and ask them to review it. That price is good. There's a list of mechanics on TDIclub but since it's based on user recommendations, your mileage may vary. I have been reluctant to start a list for two reasons.

One, a recommend shop local to me didn't know what they were doing based off their inability to fix an extremely common problem but got a recommendation. There are other gurus who are quite competent but are guys working out of their garage with no insurance and no license.

Two, for legal reasons, I do not want to publicly recommend any mechanic unless they are a real business. Therefore, any list of recommended mechanics would have to be created and maintained by forum users which goes back to problem #1: How to verify the quality of their work to ensure the high standards of the list? They could get lucky or have a bad day, and the customer often doesn't know if something was done right or not.
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davep, read the BRM PD timing belt article in the mk5 FAQ. You posted in the mk4 FAQ, they are talking about a different engine. There's links to parts vendors where you can look at prices. Don't buy super super cheap parts because they'll be the made in China ones...
Sorry to bump an old thread, but I need advice. I purchased a 2012 Passat SE TDI just about 3 weeks back. It is high mileage and will break 100,000 on Friday. I don't want to risk damaging my daily driver, so I am looking to get the timing belt replaced soon. I'm in the Des Moines, IA area. I've got a dealership and an independent (large) European auto specialist in the area. The independent quoted $1200 for the TBelt w/water pump. I'll have a price tomorrow from the dealership. Are there other options in the area that I could consider?
"European auto specialist " means nothing to me, and sadly, dealership also means nothing to me. It helps if they know the newer TDI and are meticulous. Doesn't matter what they work on, they can work on Hondas or Chevys. Experience helps but I think the underlying qualities matter more - if they are meticulous and if they can follow the instructions on this site, they should have no problems.
1 - 3 of 29 Posts
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