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This looks like an interesting sale: 4 passat TDI wagons among other diesel vehicles.


Four 96 VW Passat 5 spd 45-5- mpg TDI wagons, 160k miles to 300k miles $6500-$7500 each, or very near offer Very very rare
Four 87 Mercedes 6 cylinder TD wagons from $3500-$7500.
Several 5 cylinder 300TD wagons two with 4 speed standard trans, all need some work, plus a couple of parts wagons
Several 300D complete parts sedans from $750, all ran but have been sitting selling as is.
Diesel Jeep Cherokee $2250
Diesel 16 foot rollup rear door Isuzu Grumman Van 5 speed $2500.
And etc. No pics right now..Call for appointment (click on the craigslist link for the contact info)

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What's their story? Why so many vehicles?
Bad economy. I imagine that since coops aren't in it to make a lot of money, they didn't have much reserve. Or the fact that they sunk their money into buying 4 passat wagons and others for a total of 24 vehicles and etc. Share stuff you don't care about being broken, don't share your personal vehicle.
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