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coolant leaking on foot

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I have a very small and sporadic coolant leak that drips directly on the gas pedal. It only happens after the car is parked or drove up a steep hill. I do not lose enough coolant to drop the level on the reservoir. It has been to the dealership twice in the past, (June 2008) 1st trip they replaced the heater hoses and gaskets, (Oct 2009)2nd trip new heater core and gaskets. I am going to contact the dealership Thursday and see if they will stand behind their work and make it right. What do you think could be leaking and do you think they will warranty the repair since they have never corrected the original problem?
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That would be the most obvious leak. There is no other place where coolant enters the interior.

The only other possibility is coolant migration. Go to 1000q the FAQ section and search for coolant migration. Basically, a defective coolant tank lets coolant enter the wiring harness which migrates through it. The 2006 has a different style of plug which should prevent this problem though. See the FAQ article on how to check it and pics.
Do you have a work order showing that they did infact repace it?

If it's not pink or red it's not coolant. Maybe water is pooling under the windshield and leaking in? Is it possible for the AC drain line to clog up and back up into the interior? Your location says Florida so you're probably still using the AC right?
Yes I have work orders, it has been 13 months and 20,000 miles. Dealership told me that it was my problem and they did not even offer to do the job at a reduced rate. They told me 12 months or 12000 miles is all they will warranty. This will be the last car I by from them, their service dept sucks.
Like blupearl said, are you sure it's coolant and not water from the AC evaporator in the climate control? You said you're not losing enough to drop the level. Coolant is pink, water is clear but it could be dirty water.
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