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At the Chrysler's What's New preview of their 2008 lineup at their Chelsea, MI Proving Ground, executive VP of product development, Frank Klegon spoke about some of the companies powertrain plans for the next few years. While he didn't really get into too many specifics he did have some interesting things to say. Chrysler is definitely more bullish on diesels than their Detroit counterparts.

Over the next five to ten years Chrysler is predicting that diesels will reach a 10-15 percent share of the US market and hybrids will reach a similar penetration rate. Klegon also gave the assembled group a preview of what's coming as part of Chrysler's powertrain offensive in the next few years - now that the ownership question is settled they are moving full speed ahead.

The new aluminum block Phoenix V-6 engine family will get a six to eight percent improvement in fuel economy thanks to cylinder deactivation and dual variable valve timing. Further efficiency improvements will come thanks the new dual clutch gearboxes that will be mated to the new engines.

from http://www.autobloggreen.com/2007/06/21/chryslers-frank-klegon-on-whats-new-in-powertrains/
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