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Contact info for Keith St. Laurent ( meganuke ) in Enfield, CT

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Looking to get a hold of Keith St. Laurent (meganuke) in Enfield, CT.
He did my Timing belt last year, March on my 02 TDI - Fantastic Job and Quick !

A coworker needs a Timing belt replacement done on his 07 TDI.
His phone # 860-805-7319 does not work.
Email or phone # would be great.

Timmy from Trumbull, CT
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Welcome to the forum Timmy. welcometomyturbodies

Pity I don't live in St. Laurent (meganuke) in Enfield, CT. ;)
He is not accepting new clients because he only does the work on the side and is full. Since that would be local to me, they are welcome to rent the engine support and timing belt tools so they can DIY. They would have to supply a torque wrench and the other tools. I don't do TB for pay because I'm not a licensed and insured garage. Not that it means that licensed garages would do a better job, just that I don't have any kind of insurance for doing work on other people's cars.
Hi chittychittybangbang
Wow, blew that one, your response like over 3 years ago - Sorry !
My friend took it to the Dealer and was not happy with the cost.

Still looking for anyone in the Fairfield County area for our TDI Service,
I had my local Mechanic replace my Rear control arm bushings on my TDI Jetta 162,000 miles and he did that job quick for like $350.00 with parts, I thought that was a good deal.
Will call and ask if he can do the Engine work for a friends 2003 TDI Jetta diagnosed with a bad Fuel Injector Pump.

Where are you in CT, I live in Trumbull.
On "thread tools" click "subscribe w/email" ;)

Milford but I don't do work on other people's cars unless it can significantly add to the site and not in the winter since my fingers won't move if they're frozen. Replacing the IP is not too hard as long as they can follow the TB service.
Will call and ask if he can do the Engine work for a friends 2003 TDI Jetta diagnosed with a bad Fuel Injector Pump.
May I ask who diagnosed the bad fuel injector pump? That's one diagnosis that's made too easily (just like turbo replacements) when the problem is elsewhere (such as a bad temperature sensor inside the pump - $25 part...) As CCBB said, if the mechanic's equipped with the lockdown tools to change timing belts (and knows how to do it!!!), he should be able to replace the pump...

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