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This is a buddy's car that I am working on. I have Ross tech VCDS. He bought the car this way supposedly previous owner has went through the entire head with stage 2 cam, new lifters, new valves, head gasket, had the injectors pressure checked. Intake manifold is clean no buildup inside. Also has a new VNT 1749 turbo.
What I have went throught so far:
Vacuum system has no leaks and turbo actuator is properly adjusted and N75 valve is working properly.
Adjusted injection timing, checked injection quantity is good at idle at 4.
Have tried a new Bosch mass airflow sensor
Also checked to make sure quantity adjuster was doing the full sweep when you first turn the key on and it is.

I am getting to be at a loss. The car has no codes except for turbocharger control negative deviation. Mass air flow readings barely go over 500 at times when the car is requesting 800 when given throttle. Car will not build any boost, have checked for boost leaks. And looking at injection quantity adjustment it is fine at idle but when you rev it up it maxes out at about 22 and the ECU is requesting in the low to mid-30s.
Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated
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