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Dear all
I have recently aqcuire a 2006 jetta TDI, then i went for my first service at the dealer authorized shop, so I asked for a scan of it.

The report shows the following error
18027 P1619 035
Glow plug relay J52
Interruption/shortcircuit to ground

What I have experienced is that at certain speed (rpm) there is a power loss and then a sudden recovery of it, the previous owner told me he had replace the MAF

I´ll really appreciate your help on this matter, this is my first diesel car ever.

Best regards from Mexico

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This is a mk5 car so I'll move it to the mk5 forum. Is this the mk5 or mk4 body in Mexico in 2006?

The MAf could be causing this problem but also do a boost leak check. http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/multi/boostleaks.htm Here is how to do it. A major boost leak is the car will jerk and buck back and forth. If you want to do a MAF check you'll need a VCDS cable and software from ross tech. Sometimes the MAF fails but does not throw a code.

Glow plug relay has nothing to do with power so that error code is nothing to do with it. It sounds like a bad ground or relay.
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