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I changed my broken beetle 1.9 tdi to pd and bore from 1.9 to 2.0.

By the way, there is a problem.

The clutch slips.

The 90hp engine is 210 nm, but I think it is about 320 nm now.

Do we need to move the clutch to stage 2? Is it possible with stage 1?

Does the aftermarket clutch provide acceptable torque information?

sorry, By translator.

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Match clutch rating to engine power rating.

If you're in doubt about how much power you have then you probably should have the car dyno'd to be sure. Generally one knows what performance modifications are in one's car and that information can accurately identify how much power it is producing.

Stock clutches do NOT hold anything above stock power: years ago aftermarket stock clutches, such as LUK, did hold more power, but now that's not the case.
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