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clutch slave cylinder

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think my clutch slave cylinder is broken can you tell me if the diesel 2ltr turbo is inside the gearbox housing and do you need to remove box to get to it
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What engine? It's normally on top of the bellhousing. Here's a pic from this writeup: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q/a5/bleed-Brakes-Clutch-fluid-Jetta-Golf.htm showing how to bleed the fluid. It could be an air bubble or low fluid on the cylinder.

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im led to believe its inside the box bellhousing called a Concentric Slave Cyl you any ideas never came across this type before its a 03 plate 2.0 ltr turbo diesel a3
First check to see if you have something that looks like the above picture. It's under the air box.

There are some types where the slave cylinder is inside the bellhousing. TDI in the US didnt' have these.
That type is inside the bellhousing and you have to remove the transmission to replace it.
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