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Clutch pedal pulsating/vibrating

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I guys/gals.

Let me bore you with my details.

When I first had the car back in January 2010 I noticed if you hold your foot lightly on the clutch pedal it pulsates but it appears slightly less than engine speed, I'm presuming this is the dual mass flywheel. It does disappear as the pedal goes further down.

In March I took it back to the dealer to be checked. They said it was normal on that engine because it has a dual mass flywheel. I wasn't happy so they fitted a new clutch under warranty, it still pulsates. A dual mass flywheel is supposed to reduce torsional vibration not increase it.

I went back to the dealers a couple of weeks over this problem. Do you have a GTD demo available? I went out with the salesman to check it out. If you rest your foot on the clutch it feels normal no pulsating/vibration. We went over to my car and he started up and felt the clutch. Yes it does vibrate but you are better of talking to the service reception as they can advice you better.

I talked to service and they said I would have to book it in so the technician can check it out. I took it back that morning for the check. I was with him when he checked my car. Yes that normal its the dual mass flywheel that does that. Well how come your demo GTD doesn't do it? I don't know it should do. He took it to the workshop to plug in the VAG-COM and no faults were found. The service receptionist said see how it goes and if it gets any worse bring it back and they will investigate some more.

I have a friend at work who has a 2.0 TDI (140) and is doesn't do it. We also have a student with a 2.0 TDI (170) and his doesn't do it. I've posted the same question on other VW forums and the responce is mixed, some say it does and some say it doesn't.

Are there any TDI owners on here either 140PS or 170PS its the same engine that their clutch pedal pulsates/vibrates? ;)
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Mine does it. I figure it is normal. I have no reason to let my foot ride on the clutch while idling. When I am driving it is disengaged, engaging or engaged. my two cents
I have no reason to let my foot ride on the clutch while idling.
No I don't sit with my foot on the clutch it was a couple of days after picking it up I was sitting at traffic lights and I just rested my foot on the pedal ready to take off and I felt the pulsation. Now I'm a motor vehicle technician so I know how things are supposed to operate.

I'm also wondering not on here so much as you are the first to reply but on other forums some say it does and some say it doesn't. It shouldn't do it so are the ones that say it does all have the same problem? The GTD demo car didn't and they couldn't explain that to me. ;)
A funny thing happened today. It was a slow journey home because of the M6 being closed because of an accident. Anyway I was crawling in the traffic stop start stop start. I noticed the vibration had changed. There was no vibration while resting my foot on the pedal it started when you pushed the pedal down a couple of inches and finished near the bottom of travel.

Because I was only travelling slow all the way home the MFD readout only got up to 26.7mpg then I saw a "Consumption" message above it. This is the first time I've ever seen this message. ;)
Is it possible that the clutches need fresh fluid or need to be bench bled to get out some trapped air bubble?
Is it possible that the clutches need fresh fluid or need to be bench bled to get out some trapped air bubble?
No certiff it doesn't need bleeding the pedal is firm and the clutch operates as it should do. They bled it when they fitted the new clutch and the t****rs spilt all brake fluid down the reservoir. ;)
Ok my car is 12 months old now so I booked it in at the dealers for its first service and I mensioned yet again the problem with the clutch pedal. They still keep on saying its normal for that engine its the DMF. Well how come your GTD demo doesn't vibrate when I tested it last year? I don't know but it should do.

I also told them about the rear screen wash jet leaking, the http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f9/mdi-firmware-upgrade-5322/ and the squeaking handbrake.

I've made a new thread on another forum to see what replies I get from there.

Clutch pedal pulsating/vibrating

An interesting fact from a PM on here. ;)
We can put it on record that mine pulsates lightly as well, has from day 1. It seems to change slightly as the clutch wears in, I'll notice it a little more one time, and a little less a month or so later. I guess we'll see what happens :/
Yes golfTDI1 but that doesn't say anything to me it either does or it doesn't, you can't have it happening one day and not another so it seems you have a problem of your own here. This happens everytime you touch the clutch pedal. Have you read the PM in the link?
My Golf Match 1.9 TDI had the same problem. It is a problem with the dual mass fly wheel. Getting VW to replace the clutch will not fix the problem. I had 2 replaced. They just use refurbished units. Same problem with the second clutch.

The problem was fixed when they replaced the clutch and installed a NEW pressure plate. Though I have been told that VW will not allow this to be done now. Ask your dealer for another clutch and ask if you can pay for a new pressure plate to be installed at the time?

It is rediculous that a company like VW thinks that a pulsating clutch is normal and then refuse to fix the problem. I have told people not to buy VW because of this.
Keith, I'm not saying that it does one day and doesn't the next, I'm just saying that it slightly more noticeable at certain times than others, but this is within a very narrow range. I'm splitting hairs just by mentioning this.

I have read everything that has been posted about this.

The thing I don't get is that I bought a new car, everyone that has experienced this pulsation has purchased a new car. Why does installing a NEW pressure plate on a NEW car fix the problem? Is it an updated pressure plate? Is there a new method for which to install the said pressure plate? I haven't seen a technical service bulletin on this so I think not.
Keith, just to clarify, do you feel the pulsation as soon as you touch the pedal or do you feel it when you've reached the end of the free play, on mine the free play runs out probable 2 inches or so down.
As soon as you touch the pedal and its still felt for the first couple of inches of movement then it disappears.
I also told them about the rear screen wash jet leaking, the http://www.myturbodiesel.com/forum/f9/mdi-firmware-upgrade-5322/ and the squeaking handbrake.
For the past week I've been trying to get the rear screen wash to leak but I couldn't. After you sprayed and wiped I knock the delay off. Then a few minutes later you look in the mirror and water is running down the glass usually in a line where the washer jet is. I wasn't actually dripping it just doesn't wipe the window properly so you have to give it a second wipe and sometimes a third wipe.

I took it in for its service today. I said you can forget the rear washer it just doesn't wipe properly so it just runs down the window. They did the service in 2 hours, thats a long time for an oil and filter change and a general check. They said we can't find anything wrong with the handbrake squeak. Do you depress the button while applying the handbrake? Yes so it doesn't make a noise on the ratchet and so it does wear the ratchet unduly. That it its skipping the ratchet thats making the noise, bull. So I went out with the technician to show him. Yes it was squeaking he said I couldn't hear that in the workshop. I will order a new handbrake under warranty and we will arrange for you to bring it back to have it fitted. I don't want a new handbrake can't you just squirt some oil on it? He took it back the the workshop and squirted some oil on it now it doesn't squeak.

They still keep saying the clutch pedal pulsation is normal.

I've updated the MDI problem in that thread. ;)
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I've just read a reply on this topic on another forum he asked.
Quick question... Did the Mk3 tdi of 1994 have a dual mass flywheel? As I've said already, my old one had the symptoms described but I always assumed the dual mass flywheels were a more recent development. If it didn't, then the theory of the DMF causing the problems might be a dead end... Just a thought.
Anyone know when they first fitted the DMF on TDI's? I believe if you google it the Mk4 Golf had one. ;)
Keith, my experience with this is different than yours it seems. I touch the pedal and begin to depress and feel no pulsation after the first few inches (freeplay), I feel the clutch reach the initial disengagement point (a few inches down at this point in its wear)...at this point I feel a slight pulsation which I believe to be normal because the clutch is just beginning to separate from the flywheel. As the clutch is further disengaged from the flywheel the pulsation disappears. I don't see anything here in my clutch that seems to be a problem. I'm curious to know where in this your experience differs to compare.
Thanks for the reply.

Yours is a bit different to mine as mine pulsates without any load/operation, I would think yours is a clutch problem take it back.
Pulsating clutch possibility

I don't drive one of these, but noticed the analysis on a list of Google search results, thought it might help.
Thanks for the link but I'm a motor vehicle technician so I know how things should operate.
Pedal Pulsation
A pulsating clutch pedal is caused by the runout (wobble or vibration) of one of the rotating members of the clutch assembly. A series of slight movements can be felt on the clutch pedal. These pulsations are noticeable when light foot pressure is applied. This is an indication of trouble that could result in serious damage if not corrected immediately. There are several conditions that can cause these pulsations. One possible cause is misalignment of the transmission and engine.

If the transmission and engine are not in line, detach the transmission and remove the clutch assembly. Check the clutch housing alignment with the engine and crankshaft. At the same time, the flywheel can be checked for runout, since a bent flywheel or crankshaft flange will produce clutch pedal pulsation. If the flywheel does not seat on the crankshaft flange, remove the flywheel. After cleaning the crankshaft flange and flywheel, replace the flywheel, making sure a positive seat is obtained between the flywheel and the flange. If the flange is bent, the crankshaft must be replaced.

Other causes of clutch pedal pulsation include bent or maladjusted pressure plate release levers, warped pressure plate, or warped clutch disc. If either the clutch disc or pressure plate is warped, they must be replaced.
I had the dealer replace the clutch I didn't watch them so I'm assuming they did and the pulsations are still there. They say its normal on that model. I said your demo GTD doesn't do it. They said I don't know why that is they all do it. I've posted this question on a few forums and some user have it and some users don't so if its a normal thing then they should all do it.

I'm still not satisfied I shall have to go back and discuss it more.
I just picked up my 2011 Jetta TDI yesterday and notice a pulsation of the clutch pedal if I lift it slightly off the floor but before the friction point. I'm going to call the dealer to see what they say...

Thanks James put you feel my clutch pedal pulsating at the top couple of inches it disappears as the pedal goes down. I will wait for your reply from the dealer when they say this is normal?
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