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clutch master cylinder replacement

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I'm trying to help a friend who has a 2004 Jetta tdi with what appears to be a failing master cylinder for the clutch. There's a small amount of brake fluid leaking at the firewall. She's able to drive it, but it's only a matter of time before she'll get stranded.

It appears that I need to remove the entire engine air-cleaner housing, but I struggled with the MAF electrical coupling. I thought I may've needed some secret, special tool for this, but a video I happened upon suggests I just need to eat some Wheaties and pull the damn thing apart. Has anyone ever done this before? And am I missing something? We'll have another crack at it tomorrow and any suggestions will be much appreciated.

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I'm sure there's a little tab/clip that you lift then pull the plug. I wouldn't recommend just tugging it. Where's the video you're on about? Does the pedal just disappear sometimes? Are you sure it's not just the resevior seals weeping or pipe? I'm not sure what yours is like but my car has a short hose from the brake cylinder to the clutch master.:)
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